Bullet Proof or Full of Holes?

Keeping your supply chain running smoothly isn’t an option - it’s a necessity. But almost half of companies that use EDI are dissatisfied with the system they use. Combine that with a faster moving market and new stresses from “work from home” and “post pandemic” business relationships, looking at ways to modernize B2B is timely. When your B2B platform - be it based on EDI, eCommerce APIs, or file transfer — isn’t stable, your supply chain and customers get nervous.

What if Christmas came early?

Here’s the real test: if your supply chain experienced a massive influx of demand, would you be able to handle it? You really never know the strength of a process until its put under a massive strain. Usually, organizations rely on predicting demand patterns in time to manually change supporting infrastructure. With N3XGEN.IO™ powered B2B, your system is built on a cloud native infrastructure - purpose built to dynamically scale on demand. Open reporting APIs give your EDI team (and your customers!) visibility into lead times, partial shipments and invoice status. Don’t rely on the calendar - modernize your B2B so that it can handle the unexpected.

1000 Partners in 90 Days

If your company is on the acquisition trail — or if your business is expanding into new markets organically — activating your ecosystem fast is a competitive advantage. If your business isn’t ready to tap into new suppliers or new customers you’ve missed the opportunity in which you are banking your future. Unlike traditional B2B programs, our N3XGEN.IO™ B2B solution, SMART EDI, doesn’t force you to start from scratch with every partner, nor every integration. Built with accelerators for document mapping, automated trading agreement setup, and backed by expert managed services, our team can get your new partners up and running fast enough to capture that market opportunity.

Keep the Competition at Bay

A fast and nimble supply chain isn’t a nice to have; it’s a survival imperative. When things change in the world economy – or even on the local highway – making changes to suppliers and finding new routes to market is critical. With webMethods B2B, Cloudgen can help you onboard new partners quickly with drag and drop interfaces for critical systems, accelerators for key EDI standards, and real time reporting for supply chain tracking. Modernize your B2B Integration so you can activate a new partner every day!

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