How do you realize cloud value quickly?

Industry surveys suggest that moving to the cloud will reduce annual I.T. costs by 36% for the average company. But the rush to cloud centric development – be it transforming “old” systems or building “new” applications can be daunting to consider in a practical way. All too many “cloud experiments” end in failure and cost overuns which makes most risk adverse. You’re paying a lot for that cloud subscription…. How do you realize value quickly?

Jumpstart your cloud engine

N3XGEN.IO™ takes the mystery out of cloud centric integrated solutions. We’ve consolidated our experiences on projects into click to run integrated applications which deploy in days, not weeks (or months!). We pre-validate architectures which bring together emerging and traditional technologies to reduce risk of project failure – and eliminate expense surprises!

Cloud native, without the complexity

N3XGEN.IO™ deploys scalable secure integration solutions for your private cloud. Built on a foundation of RedHat OpenShift, a simple web based interface automatically provisions best practices solutions for your enterprise integration needs: hybrid, IoT, analytics, and B2B. Without training, I.T. teams can deploy cloud native integration technology because the platform manages high availability development, test, and production configuration behind the scenes, all integrated with your preferred commercial cloud provider.

Own your API destiny

N3XGEN.IO™ puts APIs at the center of everything you create. Our clients are looking for market facing solutions which deploy quickly and provide secure data transparency. Whether connecting to business partners, legacy systems, or devices, our solutions present consistent and easy to leverage APIs for developers to generate value in new ways.

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    About Us

    Cloudgen is a leading provider of cloud acceleration solutions and services. Our clients trust our experience to help them take advantage of key business integration forces to quickly and efficiently leverage the cloud for their digital journeys. We reduce risk for clients interested in operationalizing critical business integration technologies like B2B Automation, Analytics, Hybrid Integration and IoT. Our teams experiences in integrated systems span decades and we have created solution models which deploy in days, months.

    We are a premier partner of Software AG and Red Hat.