A platform built to last… can you fix what’s not broke?

For more than 20 years, Software AG’s on-premise webMethods platform has driven the largest and most complex integration backbones of worldwide industry. Your business is built on it; your customers may not even know it's there but it’s kept data flowing consistently for a long time Our clients’ cloud centric IT priorities sometimes make them look at their webMethods stacks as necessary evils. Minimizing costs, reducing maintenance, even shifting to new technologies (like webMethods iPAAS!) are usually the focus. But more often than not, a little attention to “old reliable”will pay dividends.

Keep your engine running smoothly

You expect a regular tune up on your performance vehicle. But it’s so easy to skip the oil change your dependable truck. At Cloudgen, we are passionate about webMethods platform performance. From high availability architecture, to security and cloud migration priorities, we specialize in validating opportunities for keeping your foundation secure.

Subscriptions save money

If you are still paying traditional maintenance for your webMethods infrastructure - and spinning up oneoff development projects, you’re leaving money on the table. Using our N3XGEN.IO™ managed services we optimize clients Software AG technology and services spend -finding opportunities for new capabilities while streamlining maintenance costs. We can help you design a subscription centric consumption model including full managed support, software and cloud compute as you modernize your platform.

Zero dollar upgrades?

You’ve been there many times — the drawn out upgrade when a new security paradigms (like remote work), changes in I.T.infrastructure trends (like containers) or even significant industry trends (streaming analytics and AI)make upgrading your webMethods critical. At Cloudgen, we have seen literally hundreds of platform upgrades around the world. To streamline the process our N3XGEN.IO™ platform incorporates test tools,CI/CD validation, and modern cloud container technology. Oh, by the way if your webMethods is drivenby N3XGEN.IO™, you pay NOTHING for bi-annual system upgrades. .

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    Cloudgen is a leading provider of cloud acceleration solutions and services. Our clients trust our experience to help them take advantage of key business integration forces to quickly and efficiently leverage the cloud for their digital journeys. We reduce risk for clients interested in operationalizing critical business integration technologies like B2B Automation, Analytics, Hybrid Integration and IoT. Our teams experiences in integrated systems span decades and we have created solution models which deploy in days, months.

    We are a premier partner of Software AG and Red Hat.