Privacy Policy of Company

Prospect of Privacy

CloudGen and its legal family generously take care of the privacy of its clients, customers, employees and their personal data. At the same time, we expect in return from one and all to protect our privacy policy. No information is collected, stolen, modified and manipulated by any third parties who visit our website for any type of services and surfing.

CloudGen connects clients, customers and trespassers through website and any type of data collected by CloudGen is whole and sole property of CloudGen including name, age, gender, picture, education, job, address, location, email and phone number, income, bank account details,social status, taste & preferences, registered account details such as user Id/password, any information given willfully,references to any other person or persons personal detailsetc., and includes but not limited to any information which is part of identification of a person or group of persons or any institute/company (registered or unregistered), a logo, brand name, trade mark, audio/video broadcasting, internet details, surfing history, comments & postings on website, surveys, online classes, training & examinations details(hard and soft copies) , promotions, advertisements, etc.,

CloudGen has every right to use and maintain the collected data from various sources mentioned above for any marketing, promotional purpose directly or indirectly through messages, emails, calls, pictorial and graphical representation for the purpose of only business, improvement/enhancing of business, development of business, diversifying the business platforms& research use.


By registering and accepting terms & conditions you agree to the above all and giving permission to us for same. Any user not interested to share the above information or disagree with the above, at any point of time without intimating us, you can close your account with us, if you feel your information is misused, company cheated you or any defamed you and your information , you are free to complaint on us to police and go for

legal proceedings and at the same time, if CloudGen finds any fraudulent behavior, objectionable actions, offensive language, misappropriating or misusing the company’s information or services, any fraud, infamous actions towards company, abusing, defaming company or company’s ceo, coo, directors, shareholders, employees, and any staff top to lower level, CloudGen can block your account without prior intimation and if required any sort of legal actions, CloudGen is free to proceed without a prior notice.

Verification & Confirmation

Every user who registered at CloudGen website, requesting for any type of service we provide, will go through a complete verification procedure from company’s legal team and after full satisfaction will confirm the account registration and if found any fraudulent or distasteful intention behind opening an account with us will blocked permanently without prior intimation.

Maintenance of Personal Database

Every time user log-in into our website, users geographical information, internet security protocol information as well as internet details such as internet ip address, browsing history, location, language, date, time etc., are collected for enhancing our business services according to the consumer’s taste and preference. By collecting computer and operating system details, our hardware and software security experts can identify the security loopholes, errors, vulnerability and damaging aspects which can be warned & rectified for the safety purpose of our website. Advertising and promotional videos are shared with you for your better understanding and sound knowledge of the services you are in need. The information your give and receive is a package of service orientation business orientation and entertainment.

Ultimate Power of Choice

Your choice is theultimate Power. User have right to choose what information you give to the company , few you can skip but few are mandatory to give and you choose to open an account with us by giving personal information or not. It’s in your hands. Your information is a valid data which enables us to contact you and communicate whenever request of service if forwarded by you. This information is also useful to us whenever we introduce new services, or when we enhance our service/product line, you are intimated with great excitement to offer you amazing services to see a great smile on your face. Here you are the king or queen to decide whether your personal information can be viewed, reviewed, modify and update according to your interest and if not can be object to use, transfer, share, restricted or blocked permanently.

Security and Sharing

We provide you complete all round security as your protecting your personal date is our primary task. Especially your monetary transactions information is our highest priority to keep close and secured. Losing your personal information can be our biggest loss and threat to our existence in business. We provide you various links of social media websites and social network activities so as you can share the links, share your ideas, feedback and comments of our valuable services. This creates awareness of CloudGen services and an activity on various social platforms triggers our sales. Our website even have inbox to chat and message , blog spots, social forums and comments, posts are publicly available for review and replies.

Minors and individuals not eligible

According to “Indian Contract Act, 1872”, Minors who are less than 18 years of age, and specially individuals who are mentioned in Indian contract Act “Individuals not eligible” to enter into the contract are not permitted to register the account without website.

Data Transmission

As part of our business deals and transactions, user’s data is transferred to various countries where we have incorporated our business and business tie-ups. The law is not universal coming to business deals and changes according the country to country, land to land. The law may not be applicable to the above conditions mentioned when data is transferred to different countries. But safeguarding your data is our primary duty so we have enclosed few clauses to ensure the law will be applicable to the entire privacy policy.

Modifications and Updates

CloudGen have every right to change/modify the terms and conditions and uphold them, if required we can update or upgrade the privacy policy whenever we wish and will without any prior intimation and notice for the betterment, development and prosperity of the company.