What is CATE?

CloudGen Automation Test Engine (CATE) is an automation framework that plays a part all stages of the development lifecycle. CATE targets the execution of end-to-end scenarios enabling the business to validate functional requirements and IT to validate technical requirements.

CATE is a comprehensive solution that is designed to document test scenarios and simplify the end-to-end testing process by providing the following functionality:

  • Platform wide test execution support.
  • Test reports and cover age report generation.
  • Third par ty test tooling integration support(Jmeter ,SOAP UI).


  • Platform wide test execution support: Support for SAG product stack automation
  • Ability to execute tests on cross platforms Simple automation services: Provides services to retrieve test automation configurations easily.
  • Third party test tooling integration support:
  • + Test Framework provides Jmeter, SOAP UI test script runner and can be easily executed
  • + Lightweight automation engine: The Automation Engine uses only a few dependencies and any custom functionality can be achieved using pluggable execution.

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