Smart EDI

Secure & Smart, Cloud Enabled, Electronic Data Exchange

With an effective SmartEDI framework in place, your organization can gain significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. When selecting SmartEDI, you’re looking for a tool that’s both flexible and simple to use, providing you with the functionality you need right now while leaving the door open for greater advantages to scale in the future.


Key Benefits

  • Quickly rollout your EDI project
  • Simplify EDI development process. 
  • Streamline efficiencies by integrating Inbound/outbound routing processes.
  • Reduce manual setup and mapping.
  • Extend ROI by leveraging existing mapping.

SmartEDI Capabilities

Browser interface and wizard

Reduce implementation me by simplifying setup tasks and enhancing ease of use.

Simple Mapping

Enables you to deal with more complex mapping requirements, concept of ANY-2-ANY mapping, and leveraging existing map services.

Proactive Alert

Smart EDI framework can alert on compliance failure, FA (Acknowledgement) delays.

Development Task Automation

Enables you to setup folder structure and best practices right from Smart EDI Framework.

Smarter EDI framework

Enable you to leverage webMethods out of box EDI capabilities smarter – map single partner mapping or multiple partner mapping.

Leverage existing maps

Existing service map can be reused.