UncategorizedHow fortune 500 corporations widely use EDI

October 8, 2020by CloudGen Admin

With the footprints traced to decades back, Electronic Data Interchange is one of the swiftest and simplest modes of data transfer. The ease of communicating online and sharing the details with the various stakeholders in real-time, EDI has proven to be one of the tools to benefit all the business sizes.

With years of successful implementation in large Fortune 500 organizations with measurable returns on investment, EDI has a proven track record of positive impact even when the revenues hit the low trail.

The efficiency of data integration increased turnover, and reduced cost, the paradigm shift of business on profits due to the EDI implementation has been a prime point of success. With the dramatic cost-saving and better benefits linked to modest operations, the EDI is extensively applied by the Fortune 500 companies.

Benefits and Use of EDI

The benefits that the EDI offers are unmatched with any of the other business implementation strategies. Developed to solve a multitude of problems, the EDI is now widely used by various organizations. By facilitating automation and smooth functioning, EDI has multiple benefits to offer to the companies.

The use of EDI is related to environmentally sustainable practices in several ways. The reduced chances of the errors and quick processing of the request, has ensured retailer compliance and better product distribution. The great time to reduce the throughput of processes and reduce the potential errors, EDI is very supportive of the fortune 500 companies.

The benefits that these companies have extracted from the application of EDI are:

Quick Transaction processing

With reduced paperwork and digitization, the speed by which the transactions are processed, and communication is established is enhanced to a great extent. With quick and easy retrieval of files, allowing faster turnaround times, and higher customer satisfaction, EDI is used by Fortune 500 companies.

Reduced errors

Manual data entry is slow with the chances of a high clerical error. With the implementation of the automated data entry and all the system related to data processing in the digital mode, the possibility of human error decreases.

Attaining Accessibility

With the real-time processing and the access of data round the clock, the tracking is stratified a lot. With such an implementation of EDI, the company can get the benefit of staying at the top of the competition. The streamlined servicing and standardized processes, businesses can manage accounts and inventory more accurately.

Enhanced Efficiency

The paradigm shift that has been seen in the wide usage of the EDI by fortune 500 companies is in the area of productivity. With increased efficiency, the business can directly impact customer relationships and add value to the company.

High Security

The businesses are best when they assure the high security of data stored and transmitted. With the EDI integration, the data is secured end-to-end without any leakage. EDI makes it easier to track and store data for auditing purposes to meet industry compliance standards.

Companies using EDI

The decades of implementation ample number of industries are already using EDI in their day-to-day operations. With the extensive usage of the EDI, the businesses are getting benefited from various advantages. The top sectors in the Fortune 500 companies that have widely implemented the EDI are:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Relying on the extreme level of accuracy, the pharmaceutical industry needs the highest level of data security and accuracy. With EDI integration, the channel of communication is streamlined a lot. The electronic process has significantly reduced errors and turnaround time.

Retail Industry

The customer being the centre of the business of the retail industry, the need to reduce the overhead costs by reducing errors, turnaround times, and labour costs is a must to ensure the best pricing. With the implementation of EDI, the companies in this segment have assured the best services at a premium cost.

Automotive Industry

The weekly analysis of stock required to ensure no shortage in the manufacturing process by improving communication with material suppliers, and eliminating the need for invoices is the key area of improvement that has been focused by the EDI.

Financial Industry

With a wide area of financial transaction and operations which are customer-driven and the need for accurate data, the EDI integration in the financial companies is magical. With the swift and quick communication that takes place between banks and customers or between banks, EDI ensures no data leakage and high security of the companies.

Tech Industry

Allowing quick and hassle-free communication is the key to the success of various tech companies. The use of EDI is the prime factor that the tech industry has favoured to handle numerous business processes right from design to manufacturing and supply management.


With global connectivity and extensive implementation, the Fortune 500 companies have benefited a lot from the EDI. Electronic data interchange is a hassle-free and quick way to stay connected in the business world.

A tool that is seen as the game-changer for a decade, has proved to be effective, efficient, and smart in various aspects and sectors. Working with the industry specialist, EDI can help to identify potential improvements and earn a big fortune by the analysis of the same. Thus, implementing EDI is one of the core competencies of the Fortune 500 companies and various small enterprises in today’s scenario.