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From outsourcing of many of the functions currently provided by an IT organization to project management support for those most complex projects, CloudGen is prepared to step in and provide on-going support services that will make your life easier.


Many companies are finding it difficult to maintain a highly skilled staff of professional services personnel to support their solutions.

The daily ebb and flow of project starts make it difficult to ensure the appropriate man loading necessary to meet every need that arises. CloudGen is prepared to step in and provide support in these situations.

The CloudGen team can come on-site to assist on projects where additional resources are required, we can provide support at customer locations where additional bodies are needed, or we can assume, even more responsibility, by working with you to take over some facets of your PS organization.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to provide on-site installation and maintenance support and this is simply a burden that you would like to offload?

Our team of highly skilled professionals would be happy to work with you to devise a plan whereby we can assume some of that responsibility. Whatever your pain may be – a CloudGen representative is ready to work with you to provide a solutions-oriented team to address those concerns.