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As a integration consulting leader, CloudGen offers hybrid integration services and complete hybrid integration of ERP, CRM and warehouse management applications with cloud-based technologies.


If you are looking to combine cloud-based applications with on-premise applications, hybrid integration solutions are essential to today’s technology info structure. Hybrid integration enables you to keep and maintain the technology investments your company has already made,  while incorporating the benefits of new functionality, greater performance, and lower costs of cloud-based applications.

CloudGen offers the expertise and knowledge to make this service as painless as possible for you.

What Sets Us Apart?

CloudGen is a practice leader in Hybrid Integration, completing more integration projects than any other consultancy across all business verticals. Our integration experts are full-time employees that receive continuous training and exposure to the latest releases of integration and products.

Maximize the initial and ongoing success of your integration platform with the leading integration consultancy and product provider.  With more integration and operational management experience than any other services firm, CloudGen is the first choice for many of the largest distribution, retail, government, agricultural, energy, and financial organizations.

Billions of daily transactions traverse the globe through platforms and integrations developed and managed by CloudGen. If you’re evaluating integration platforms or launching an integration project, CloudGen can guide you through the design, sizing, and licensing process with clarity and efficiency.


Why choose Integration?

  • Loosely coupled event-driven integrations.
  • Standard-based messaging architectures and APIs.
  • Global Universal Messaging clusters and queues.
  • Cloud heterogeneous deployment of the Integration stack.
  • Personalization and campaigns leveraging MDM and recommendations.
  • BPM event orchestration and message flow visualization.
  • API Portal, API Gateway, and governance of API-centric strategies.
  • Trading Networks for EDI and B2B integrations.