UncategorizedTop 8 Reasons to Partner With an Efficient Managed Services Provider

December 8, 2020by CloudGen Admin

Traditionally, enterprises invested in IT teams and in-house infrastructure. But digital transformation brought a paradigmatic shift in business operations. No company can afford to get stuck with their legacy systems. They have to adopt proactive IT measures with the help of competent MSPs.

Yes, managed service providers or MSPs are the next big thing. These outsourcing partners remotely manage the company’s IT assets and end-user systems. Their services include server maintenance, cloud storage, data back-up, and disaster recovery. If you are an SME, you can benefit from network monitoring, authentication, system administration, and infrastructure management. 

But such a third party’s role leads to concerns on security and trust. However, the market value of MSPs is US$200 to US$350 million. So, be careful and choose a reliable partner to enjoy these unbeatable benefits:

1. Improve Core Competency

A business relies on IT services to assist their primary operations. Its core competencies include product innovation, effective marketing, and customer service. The company also has goals and a vision to expand and achieve profits. These key activities should not be side-lined for IT needs.

Managed service providers offer flexible and scalable options to the client. You can choose a suitable service model based on current needs and budget limits. The in-house staff will benefit immensely as they can focus on the core strengths. They do not get distracted or overwhelmed by IT tasks.

2. Cost-Saving Effort

Every business has to upgrade its IT tools and technology in the long run. But the costs of training, installation, and onboarding can be very high. Also, the company will still get stuck with a capital expenditure model. It will not be able to shift to an operating expenses model due to rigidity.

In contrast, MSPs offer scalable models with service-level agreements. You will no longer have to worry about labor costs and hidden service expenses. The management can also take bold decisions to reinvest the savings or expand the business into new territories.

3. Utilize Superior Talent

On-premise technology updates are expensive, time-consuming, and unproductive. You have to configure the new systems and achieve efficient integration. Such complex activities require talented IT professionals with experience. Besides, a large number of costly resources have to get allotted.

With MSPs, you can overcome the problem of hiring and assigning resources. The HR team does not have to worry about locating suitable talent. The service provider charges a flat, monthly rate, and designates first-rate professionals. These experts handle technical, architectural, functional, and systemic issues easily.

4. Scale with Ease

Cutting-edge business IT system is intelligent and AI-driven. A cloud-based solution offers dynamic applications for customer relationship management (CRM). It also provides predictive analytics to assist the enterprise in planning and managing its resources efficiently. 

The development of technology is continuous. Thus, technologies of today can become obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, it becomes a capital-intensive process to scale up an operation. However, since MSPs take care of the resources and technologies, it becomes possible to scale up or down with ease. The MSPs give further impetus through technology integration and process optimization. You can choose a scalable model with proactive monitoring and service upgrades. These solutions ensure business continuity by implementing the IT changes in real-time.

5. Continuous Support

The in-house IT teams are small in size, and they have fixed working hours and resources. But a large MSP offers 24X7 online customer support. A reliable company has technical and business experts working round the clock, and you can receive low-cost, flexible assistance irrespective of the time zone. Besides, the MSP offers on-site, emergency, or weekend support options for an additional fee.

6. Minimize System Fails

The managed services offer reliable, remote monitoring of IT systems. The provider also proactively manages and pre-empts various problems. Their experts detect, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues at an early stage. They also have data back-up and disaster recovery strategies in place. So, your business can flourish as the network and system downtime are effectively lower.

7. Personalized Point of Contact

Remote assistance does not mean a drop in standards or quality assurance. The MSP assigns a dedicated team with a customer success manager (CSM), a singular, reliable middleman, who understands all your business and technical requirements to the tee. This CSM helps you enjoy personalized service. Besides, secondary contact points are readily available to replace absentee CSMs at any time.

8. Stay Secure and Compliant

Data is your asset, and MSPs keep it secure and confidential. The storage and access privileges for sensitive information are competently under control. There is no litigation scope as all the rules, regulations, and compliance standards get fully implemented. Sufficient precautions will be in place beforehand to enforce corporate compliance-based on local, state, and national laws.

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